Science Based Targets

Over the last decade we have made strides towards being a better brewer, but seeing how our world was changing and the actions needed to meet the UN’s globally-agreed Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change we felt we needed to strengthen our approach to sustainability and mobilize our people to move us towards better.

As part of our journey #TowardsZERO carbon emissions we worked in partnership with the Carbon Trust to measure our carbon footprint and establish a set of science-based targets and a working roadmap, that would support the journey towards the more ambitious level of 1.5°C global warming outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement.

The output of this work was an end to end look at our "beer in hand" carbon journey and commitments to:

Reduce our beer in hand footprint by 30% by 2030, supported by an an interim 2022 target of 15% reduction.

Achieve net ZERO carbon emissions at our breweries by 2030, supported by an interim 2022 target to cut brewery emissions in half from our 2015 base year.

 > Read more about our partnership with the Carbon Trust here


The importance of partnerships

We firmly believe in the power of innovative partnerships to deliver change. And in the coming years, collaboration will be more crucial than ever, as we seek to develop and deploy new solutions together with our partners.

We have deliberately set challenging targets with a view to increasing the pace of innovation and stimulating creativity along the value chain. Through collaborative action, we hope to create a virtuous circle of improvements within our business and among our suppliers and business partners.

Together, we can make it happen.