ZERO irresponsible drinking

We are proud of our beers. They are a key component of many positive occasions, bringing people together.

However, irresponsible drinking can turn those positive moments into problematic ones.

Our vision for a better tomorrow is a society without irresponsible drinking. No drinking and driving. No underage drinking. Just moderate consumption and enjoyment.

In this area, we focus on choice and collaboration. On providing options that help consumers make informed and responsible choices. And on collaboration with partners who can help us address and prevent alcohol-related harm.

Our targets



  • 100% of our markets improve on responsible drinking year on year
  • 100% availability of alcohol-free beer (AFB) 
  • 100% responsible drinking messaging through packaging and brand activations
  • 100% of our markets run partnerships to support responsible consumption

100% choice, 100% responsibility

In order to support our ambition of zero irresponsible drinking, we are committed to offering a broad palette of choices.  

Choices that consumers can turn to on different occasions. This means making alcohol-free beers more widely available and providing consumers with information about responsible drinking, nutrition and ingredients — both on our packaging and online.

By 2022, we will:

  • Make alcohol-free options available wherever you find our beers
  • We will also communicate responsible drinking messaging across our brands, on our packaging, and online

Encouraging responsible consumption

Towards 2030, we target 100% of our markets to improve on responsible drinking every year on a national level.

In our efforts to promote moderate consumption, and to prevent behaviours such as underage drinking and drink-driving, we use all the tools at our disposal: our products to inform consumers, our brand messaging to create a dialogue and partnerships with the retailers who sell our products.

Effectively addressing alcohol misuse requires collaboration between all the relevant stakeholders. These include consumer groups, NGOs, retailers, volunteer organisations, law enforcement agencies and other brewers. We will therefore continue to identify partners and work with them to find common science-based solutions. Our 2022 target is to form partnerships to support responsible consumption in all of our markets.

DrinkAware for the facts

As well as the distribution of information, and improvement in the range of no and low alcohol options, we continue to maintain strong partnerships with The Drinkaware Trust, an independent UK-wide alcohol education charity that works to reduce alcohol-related harm as well as the Portman Group, a not-for-profit responsibility body that promotes responsible drinking; helps to prevent alcohol misuse; and to foster a balanced understanding of alcohol-related issues.

DrinkAware is the leading source of alcohol-related information in the UK and works to chage the UK’s drinking habits for the better, by helping people make better informed choices about their drinking.

Drinkaware is committed to being evidence-led and contributes positively to the evidence base around alcohol-related harm; all medical information and guidance for the public is reviewed by their independent Medical Advisory Panel, and Drinkaware holds Information Standard accreditation to reassure people that the information provided is impartial and accessible.

Visit the DrinkAware website by clicking here

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